Saturday, February 20, 2010

What is Streamyx?

Streamyx explained.

Streamyx is Malaysia's premier broadband internet company, connecting Malaysians across the country with the high-speed cyberworld.

The bandwidth supplied by Streamyx gives you an unparalleled Online experience. Video and audio stream constantly. And you'll be able to simply kept updated with the sophisticated software as well as large sites that are now in style.

With Streamyx broadband internet you'll be able to:

* perpetually online

* enjoying unrestricted usage for one rate, and

* downloading data at lightning speeds as high as 4.0Mbps!

Five ways Streamyx can improve your internet experience

Witness the broadband power that Streamyx provides! You will find a drastic jump in advantages, however you use the internet. Tell us what type of internet user you're, or even the kind you would love to be:

Constantly connected to the internet

You want to be updated on the fly, to obtain current information when it takes place, to be 'on it'. You are always connected to the internet, this is why you need a continual link to the cyber world.

The share market changes quickly, but I am constantly on top of it.

Important stuff like your own share portfolio need careful attention, simply because stuff change quickly in the online rat race. Streamyx is the best option to keep up with your competitors.

At any time, no problem. I am on-line round the clock.

Due dates are common when operating from home - regardless of whether you are self employed or perhaps a busy student. You will have to be ready always, and a steady line with Streamyx is really a necessity.

Is it worthy of my money?

With all the effort you put in, you are going to wish to invest your own earnings on good value. In just one very affordable fixed rate, Streamyx makes certain you are Constantly Connected throughout the month.

Game Maniac

You're well versed in the art of war. And way too familiar with the lag - the bane of every game addict which possibly Sun Tzu does not have any answer for. Streamyx is the solution to dropline problems.

Guess I am faster when compared with you

The rush is often a common technique for most real-time strategy and first-person shoot them games. Timing is really a essential element, and it really helps no one if you are constantly slightly slower. A good reason to up grade to Streamyx right now!

I really don't get disconnected any longer.

Just one second is usually what is needed. That you're moving , the display stops, you're dead. The game is over. None of that nonsense with Streamyx!

I'm at present saving a good deal, playing at home!

How much does an hour of online gaming cost you outside? Streamyx's Combo package starts ar RM60 for an entire month - which is 720 hrs. Most certainly biggest bang for your bucks.

Casual Surfer

You use the internet sometimes, or whenever you really have to. Perhaps you think broadband internet isn't for you? The truth is, you might be the one who will enjoy the maximum benefits from Streamyx. Here is the reason why.

My files download speedily.

Get your files in mere just a few seconds! Answer a couple of e-mails within the time it takes to load 1! Perform far more instead of wait around more, by having a Streamyx up grade.

I am seldom online nevertheless I enjoy precisely how steady it is at all times.

Put aside the stress of a sluggish and inconsistent connection any time you are on the internet for important stuff. Shake off this online experience of the past and proceed broadband internet with Streamyx!

By using Streamyx, time isn't really money.

Spending money on internet usage by the hour is the thing from the past. Use your hard earned money wisely! Accomplish much more, at your own pace, on the Streamyx's fixed monthly charge - better option for value.

Social Buff

Ahh, the ought to be in contact. You wish to have MSN as well as Google Talk on at the same time, whilst loading Twitter, Youtube as well as your usual group of weblogs in a few others. Just what better way to go than Streamyx?

Watch more pictures at the same time.

With the plethora of your friend's pictures now in all those social network sites, you most certainly need a fast connection to stay up and stay in contact nowadays.

No more line dropping during chat.

Never accept repeating yourself several times over by means of voice and/or video conferencing programs! Those problems simply go away whenever that you're on Streamyx.

Online Maniac

You love this days of online world, the age of zero cost instant rich multi-media content. Downloading or online streaming, the sights and sounds usually are important of your internet experience. Give it a boost with Streamyx!

Now my movies plays immediately!

Fed up with jerky motion during video streaming? We understand totally. With the rapid data exchange of Streamyx, it's simple to get everything in real-time.

My downloads came through!

It is a big letdown whenever your downloads are truncated - even more so If it's at the last moment. Get the continuous strength of Streamyx bandwidth to keep your download!

I can now view international TV series!

With Net TV, you will not need to wait for conventional TV, and you can get channels from several other international locations. Streamyx is your ticket to much more content - plus more value!

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